The Little Book of Drama from Stories

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Role Play


3-5 years

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Angelina Sprocket's Pockets

An idea for drama

by Judith Harries

by Quentin Blake

What you need

  • the book

  • a large jacket or coat

  • a small fabric bag

  • different small objects (to hide in pockets)

  • an old washing up bowl full of pans, forks, spoons, graters and buckets

What you do

Place a few small familiar objects such as an apple, a book or a small toy in a small fabric bag. Sit in a circle and pass the bag around the ring. Ask children to feel for an object in the bag and try to guess what it is without looking. Can they guess and then pull the item out of the bag to see if they’re correct?

  • Memory game – Go round the circle and invite each child to remember one thing that Angelina Sprocket has hidden in her many pockets. Use this phrase ‘There’s a pocket for ……’ and see if they can create a complete list. Check back with the book to see if they have remembered everything.

  • What’s in my pocket? – Go into role as Angelina Sprocket. Pretend to take something from the story out of a pocket and mime using it such as a hanky, umbrella, swimming costume, motorhorn, or skateboard! Invite children to guess which item you are miming.

  • Physical drama – Ask children to find a space in the room. Shout out different things from Angelina’s pockets and ask children to mime using them. Encourage them to play ‘What’s in my pocket?’ (see above).

  • Pocket dreams – Invite the children to share their ‘pocket dreams’ and choose what they would most like to find in a magic pocket and why.

  • Role on the wall – Copy and enlarge a picture of Angelina Sprocket from the book. Stick it on the wall and let children take turns to scribe words on notes to describe her character.

  • Angelina’s coat – Provide an over-sized coat for children to dress up as Angelina. Sew or pin on extra pockets using squares of fabric. Make a selection of small objects for children to hide in the pockets. Ask them to play a guessing game, describing the hidden objects for other children to identify.

  • Still image – Make a still image from the story. Give out pans, buckets, forks and spoons, graters, and the kitchen sink.

  • Creative activities – Make some Angelina Sprocket music. Use all the metal implements from ‘Still image’ to create some metal sounds. Suspend the items from a frame and tap with a triangle beater. Record and listen back.

    Help children to make a pocket and sew or pin it onto their clothes. Have fun pretending to be Angelina Sprocket.

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