Bloomsbury Early Years - Habitats: Growing Vegetables
The Little Book of Living Things

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3-5 years

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Habitats: Growing Vegetables

An idea using living things

by Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton

The 'Living things' activities provide some advice on looking after a range of creatures which you might want to keep in your setting for short periods of time. This will give the children an opportunity to observe them more closely and discover a little more about how they feed, move and grow.

Make sure that your vegetable plot is easily accessible to the children as they dig and tend their plants. It needs to be near a water supply and the compost heap or bin. Don’t forget that you may need to put paving or decking next to a vegetable plot to make wet weather digging easier.

At the beginning of the growing season the vegetable plot will need to be dug over by an adult to ensure the best growing conditions. After that, it should be possible for the children to maintain the plot themselves including adding compost, planting, weeding and watering, all with adult supervision.

Container vegetables

Many vegetables can be grow in containers such as tubs, pots, grow bags and even old tyres.

Plants that thrive in containers include:

dwarf fruit trees

runner beans






ornamental cabbages


herbs (chives, mint, thyme, parsley etc)


cucumbers, marrows and courgettes



Look, listen and note

  • Follow instructions

  • Handle equipment and tools effectively including pencils for writing

  • Work cooperatively and take turns with others

  • Places, objects and materials

  • Animals and plants

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