The Little Book of Making Poetry

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Recording Your Poetry

An idea for poetry

by Keri Finlayson

Record your poetry recitation for everyone to hear and enjoy.

What you need

  • recording equipment such as a phone or tablet, tape recorder, a computer with a microphone or any alternative sound-recording device


Read and recite lots of rhymes, poems and songs as a group. More confident children may have a favourite rhyme or song they are keen to say out loud, by themselves or with a friend. Send a letter home to parents and carers telling them that you are going to make a poetry recording. Ask if there are any volunteers who would like to come in to recite and record a rhyme or poem they can remember from when they were a child.

What you do

  • Hold a poetry recording week.

  • Set some time aside each day to practise and record one or two poems.

  • Say the title of the poem and who is reciting it before each poem.

  • Include examples of short poems, nursery rhymes, chants and games.

  • Arrange for parents and carers to visit and record a reading of a poem that they have enjoyed.

  • Make the recording freely available in your setting for children (and others) to listen to.

Sit and listen to the recording you’ve made or play it in the backgound as other activities take place.

Ready for more?

Make further recordings for different themes, such as:

  • weather rhymes

  • animal rhymes

  • rhymes from festivals.

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