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Easter Egg Hunt

An idea using maps and plans

by Melanie Roan and Marion Taylor

Use maps to hide and search for Easter eggs.

What you need

  • maps and plans resource trolley or a large sheet of paper and writing tools

  • six plastic Easter eggs (available from discount shops at Easter)

  • large number tiles numbered 1-6: hopscotch floor tiles are ideal

  • six small bowls

  • blank floor plan of your setting’s outdoor area

What you do

  1. Number the eggs 1-6 clearly with a marker pen. Older children could do this themselves.

  2. Provide a blank floor plan of your outdoor area. Work with the children to mark any permanent features onto it.

  3. Make an Easter egg scoreboard: Involve the children in ordering large number tiles to correspond with the number of eggs. Stand the number tiles up against an outside wall with a small plastic bowl in front of each tile to put the eggs in. The bowls could also be numbered 1-6 to aid number matching and recognition.

  4. Divide the children into two groups: ‘The Hiders’ and ‘The Seekers’:

    The Hiders

    • Talk about good places to hide the eggs.

    • Once you have decided, draw and number egg shapes on your map to indicate where the eggs will be hidden.

    • Go outside and hide the eggs accordingly. Remember to take the map with you!

    • Once the eggs are hidden pass the map on to the Seekers or display it outside.

    The Seekers

    • Go outside and search for the eggs. Encourage the children to use the map to help find them.

    • Return the eggs to the Easter egg scoreboard, matching them to the numbered tiles.

  5. Repeat the activity in a later session, changing the groups so that all the children have an opportunity to find the eggs.

Ready for more?

  • Adapt this activity for other celebrations. At Christmas hide ‘presents’, i.e. boxes wrapped in Christmas paper and numbered. For Eid, hide Eid cookies wrapped in paper bundles with a numbered gift tag.

  • Use the ideas in ‘Outdoor action track map’ to plan, set up and map a challenging egg and spoon obstacle course!

Look, listen and note

  • Good control and co-ordination

  • Work as part of a group

  • Everyday objects and shapes

  • Mathematical language

  • Places, objects and materials

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