The Little Book of Outside in All Weathers

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Fly! (Autumn)

An idea for being outside in all weathers

by Sally Featherstone

Make flying birds

These simple birds could even be made outside.

What you need

  • cardboard tubes (e.g. from kitchen roll) cut to about 10cm

  • scissors, white glue and felt pens

  • feathers, string or wool

  • paper and coloured sticky paper

What you do

  1. Turn the tubes into birds by covering with coloured paper.

  2. Decorate them with feathers. You could look at some books for ideas or just let your imagination run riot with colours and feathers.

  3. Add wings made from stiff paper cut in triangles, cone shape for a beak, circles for eyes etc.

  4. Make a tail from feathers.

  5. Glue some wool or string to the head end of the tube.

  6. Go outside and fly your birds in the garden.

Ready for more?

  • Make some paper planes to fly outside.

  • Make simple parachutes from squares cut from plastic carrier bags. Tie strings onto the corners and throw them into the wind with small world people or animals attached. See where they land.

  • Make a simple kite from a carrier bag. Cut the end out of the bag. Turn it inside out and decorate with paint mixed with white glue, or with self adhesive stickers. Tie a string to the handles. Run in the wind to make it fly.

  • Blow bubbles on a windy day, and see them fly away.

  • In Autumn, fly sycamore ‘helicopters’ and other seeds with wings. Watch to see how the wings work to help the seed on its way.

  • Do some ‘flying things’ spotting. Have a clipboard or whiteboard and record what you see – birds, planes, butterflies, helicopters, balloons etc.

  • Sit and watch the clouds racing across the sky. Look for shapes and pictures in the clouds. Watch how they change as they blow around.

  • Read ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen (Hodder Children’s Books).

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