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The Little Book of Science through Art

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3-5 years

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An idea using art for science

by Sally Featherstone

Early scientific exploration:

  • Concept – that some materials dissolve when added to water.

  • Concept – that bubbles will form when soap is added to water, and air is forced in.

  • Concept – that some substances dissolve quicker than others.

  • Concept – that water can change when different substances are added.

What you need

  • Lux soap flakes

  • warm water

  • food colouring

  • egg beaters

  • kitchen gadgets

  • aprons

  • a large container or tray

What you do


  • Dissolve soap flakes in warm water in the container.

  • Add colouring if desired.

  • Allow mixture to stand until it becomes thick; add more water if necessary.

  • Beat the mixture with egg beaters until fluffy.


  1. Put on aprons.

  2. Use the kitchen gadgets to pour, beat, scoop and whisk. Encourage the children to use words to describe how the mixture feels and what they are doing.

N.B. Younger children also enjoy slime but need careful supervision to avoid soap getting into their eyes.


  • dissolve

  • runny

  • beat

  • air

  • whisk

  • slimy

  • soap

  • froth

  • hand

  • fingers

  • hold

  • mix

  • sticky

  • cool

  • feel

  • touch

Look, listen and note

  • Good control and co-ordination

  • Handle equipment and tools effectively including pencils for writing

  • Choose the resources they need

  • Places, objects and materials

  • Free expression through media and materials

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