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Music Day

An idea for a special day

by Elaine Massey and Sam Goodman

What you need

  • paper plates

  • a stapler and

  • poster paints and paintbrushes scissors

  • PVA glue

  • rice, dried beans or beads

  • strips of tissue paper/crepe paper or fabric

  • aprons

  • table covering

What you do

  1. Paint the bottom of the paper plate and leave to dry.

  2. Cut thin strips of tissue paper/crepe paper/fabric.

  3. Glue one end of the inside of the paper plate. Stick several strips of tissue paper on until you have covered half of the plate. Let it dry thoroughly.

  4. Fold the paper plate in half, painted side out.

  5. Place a handful of rice/beads/beans inside the folded plate and then staple the sides together – all around the edge so that the contents cannot fall out.

  6. Now, shake, shake, shake!

What you need

  • a round tub/bucket

  • a piece of strong plastic or opened

  • elastic bands

  • poster paints

  • PVA Glue

  • brushes or glue stickers

  • sequins/glitter/stickers

  • aprons

  • table covering

What you do

  1. Cut a circle out of the plastic which is 2-3 inches larger in diameter than the top of your tub/bucket.

  2. Place the plastic on top of the tub/bucket and pull it tight whilst securing with elastic bands. Make sure it is really taut.

  3. Now decorate the sides of the drum. Add PVA glue to the paint so that it doesn’t peel off. Use the stickers and sequins to add sparkle to the drum.

  4. Play, using hands.

What you need

  • large pieces of felt

  • jingle bells

  • PVA or strong glue

  • brushes or glue sticks

  • a needle and thread

  • aprons

  • table covering

What you do

  1. Cut 4 oversized mitten shapes out of felt.

  2. Take 2 matching mitts and attach together with glue or sew together.

  3. Repeat with another 2 pieces of felt.

  4. Sew 4 jingle bells along the finger edge of each mitt.

  5. Slip on and shake and clap hands together to make music!

What you need

  • a cardboard tube (from tin foil, cling film, kitchen or toilet paper roll)

  • wide sticky tape

  • dried rice

  • stickers/paint/felt pens

  • ribbons

What you do

  1. Stick a few pieces of tape across one end of the tube, leaving no gaps.

  2. Put a few handfuls of rice in the tube – some will stick to the tape.

  3. Stick a few pieces of tape across the open end of the tube, again making sure not to leave any gaps for rice to fall through!

  4. Decorate your maraca – draw and paint patterns on it and tie long ribbons around it.

Ready for more?

  • Invite musically talented staff or parents to come in and play and talk about their musical instrument to the children.

  • Let the children express themselves with dance or play musical games such as musical chairs or musical statues.

  • Musical Painting – have a selection of music to play whilst the children are painting. Can they interpret the music through their painting? Is it fast/slow/happy/sad?

Look, listen and note

  • Listening attentively

  • Handle equipment and tools effectively including pencils for writing

  • Work as part of a group

  • Sing songs, make music and dance

  • Design & technology

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