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3-5 years

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Coming In To Land

An idea for a team game

by Simon MacDonald

Children are likely to develop their co-operation, co-ordination and trust in others in this team game.

Group size

You need at least ten children for this activity

What you need

  • Material for blindfolds or soft hats that can be pulled down over the eyes

  • Space big enough to be your runway!

How to play

  1. Divide the children into two teams; the teams take it in turns to be the ‘plane’ and the ‘obstacles’.

  2. One player in the plane team becomes the plane itself, and has his or her eyes covered (they can look down if this is easier), and the rest of the team verbally guide the blindfolded child around the obstacles, who are standing dotted along the runway.

  3. The plane gets a penalty point for every obstacle it touches. If they get five points or more, the plane crashes and it the other team get the chance to be planes.

  4. The game continues until everyone has had a chance to be the plane.

Ready for more?

  • You could have just one member of the team guiding the plane if it gets too noisy! You could also replace the human obstacles with things like chairs or books if you want to focus on concentration and quiet.

Look, listen and note

  • Follow instructions

  • Good control and co-ordination

  • Move confidently

  • Work cooperatively and take turns with others

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