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Our ‘Wow Moments’

Using a digital camera to capture learning memories and special moments

by Dawn Roper


Celebrate children's achievements, their ‘Wow Moments’, through photographs that can be shared with families and peers. (Every moment is a ‘Wow Moment’ in early years!) This activity gives children the opportunity to use technology to collect information, take photographs and create a ‘Wow Moments’ wall display. This activity encourages children to become more independent in realising their own potential and celebrating their successes, as well as supporting relationship building.

What you need

  • Digital cameras

  • Display board

What you do

  1. Before you start, select a small number of children to be the ‘Chief Photographers’. Teach them how to look after the camera. These children can support others in taking their own photographs.

  2. Discuss with the children what they think is special about themselves. Group them in pairs or threes and ask them to talk about what they think is special about someone else in the setting, e.g. a friend or member of staff.

  3. Introduce the ‘Wow Moment’ camera to the class. This could be wrapped up in a special ribbon and bow to emphasis how special it is to use.

  4. Demonstrate to the children how to use the camera, taking a photo of something in their setting.

  5. Show the children the image you have taken.

  6. Explain to the children that if they think they have had a ‘Wow Moment’ and want to photograph it, they can use the ‘Wow Moment’ camera. If they need help, they can ask an adult or the ‘Chief Photographer’.

  7. When using the ‘Wow Camera’ encourage them to talk about why this is a special moment, e.g. “I have had a Wow moment today when I painted….” or “I want to take a photo of this because I am proud of my painting”.

  8. Look at the photograph on the camera with children.

Helpful hints

  • Work with a group of children to become Chief photographers. Teach them how to look after the camera. These children can then support others in taking photographs.

Ready for more?

  • Create a display with the ‘Wow Moment’ photos. Include speech bubbles recording what the children think of their learning so far. Parents and carers can add their thoughts about special memories too – this will create a contrast between the parent / child voice. Add to the display over a number of weeks.

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