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Sugar snowflakes

Painting with sugar

by Judith Harries


Paint wintry pictures of snowflakes using a special paint mixture formed from sugar and water. Add some glitter for extra sparkle. Challenge children to try and make their snowflakes symmetrical.

What you need

  • Icing sugar

  • Water

  • Silver glitter

  • Black paper or card

  • Small paint brushes

  • Teaspoon

  • Cotton buds

What you do

  1. Show the children some images of snowflakes. Explain that each snowflake is unique but they are all a simple hexagon shape, which means they have six sides.

  2. Help the children to make some special snowflake paint using icing sugar and water. Mix the two ingredients into a smooth paste. If the paint is too runny add another spoon of sugar.

  3. Demonstrate painting a snowflake using the mixture and let the children observe you. Spoon some sugar paint onto the middle of a piece of black card and then use a brush or cotton bud to draw the snowflakes points.

  4. Talk about the symmetry of the shape. Can they see how both sides of the snowflake match?

  5. Let the children paint their own snowflakes and challenge them to try to make them symmetrical.

  6. Try painting some other wintry scenes with the mixture, such as trees and stars. Add extra snow by using cotton buds to make small snowflakes falling on the picture.

Ready for more?

  • Add some silver glitter to the sugar paint. Remind the children not to eat the paint, especially once you have added glitter.

  • Make Happy Snow Day cards with the children from their pictures and encourage them to send them to a friend or family member.

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