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Reaching for the stars

Setting goals for the start of a new year

by Judith Harries

Children can set their own goals for the new school term or year, for themselves and the group, and create an interactive display to remind them.

What you need

  • Black or dark blue backing paper

  • A list of ‘goals’

  • Coloured card board

  • Pencils

  • Scissors

  • Pens

  • Sequins, sticky stars, shiny paper

What you do

  1. Talk about the children's goals for the new term or year. What do they hope to be able to learn? How do they want each other to behave?

  2. Make a list of varied goals for the children to copy as part of this activity such as: Be kind; Be myself; Try to listen; Share with others; Read a story; Learn my times tables; Grow taller, and so on.

  3. Explain that you are going to create a special display for the classroom showing the children ‘reaching for the stars’ as they start the new school year or term.

  4. Ask children to draw around either their left or right arm and hand onto coloured cardboard. Help them to cut carefully around the shapes.

  5. Let them write their goals onto the open hands and decorate the sleeves with other dreams, hopes and/or patterns.

  6. Stick the arms, side by side, onto the backing paper with all the hands ‘reaching for the stars’.

Ready for more?

  • Let children help to decorate the display with sequins and small sticky stars to add to the effect.

  • Cut out some star shapes from shiny card and let children write some more futuristic goals on them such as what they would like to be when they grow up, songs they would like to sing, books they would like to read, inventions they want to discover, and so on.

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