Bloomsbury Early Years - New for Spring 2019

Step Outside, Leap into Spring

Warmer weather is around the corner and daylight hours are getting longer. Now is the time to get outside and plan ahead for outdoor opportunities in your provision! How about growing early potatoes or vegetables? These activities from Sally Featherstone, Linda Thornton and Pat Brunton will show you how to make this happen, step-by-step. Spring is also a great opportunity to think about ways to provide more learning opportunities from across the EYFS in your outside spaces. We have some great activities for maths outdoors or you can simply search ‘spring’, ‘outdoors’ or any outdoor words you can think of (for example ‘leaves’).

Mother’s Day, Easter and Pesach are also ahead, each giving opportunities for springtime celebrations and learning more about Understanding the World. We love Dawn Roper’s activity for a special day (Spring: A spring celebration!) to help explore the Jewish festival of Pesach through tasting new things. Melanie Roan and Marion Taylor have written a great idea that involves creating maps and plans to make your Easter egg hunt a treasure-seeking experience full of learning.

There are also new activities on from Alistair Bryce-Clegg which are sure to inspire your children to get writing.

If that wasn’t a full enough basket of eggcellent ideas!, new for this spring are Sally Featherstone’s Games with Sounds for developing phonological awareness - fun ways to explore listening, sound discrimination, rhythm and rhyme. Our new phonics activities (from Sarah Featherstone) are a great complement to these and will take children a bit further whilst remaining active and play centred in their pedagogy.

Whatever springtime holds, you will find heaps of ideas and inspiration on Bloomsbury Early Years. We are only a hop, skip and a jump away and would love to hear your feedback and experiences on our Facebook Page!

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Habitats: Growing vegetables
Explore food and growing things
Spring: Easter Egg Hunt