Soak up the Summer!

The summer term brings lighter, sunnier days and opportunities to be exploring and learning outdoors. The month of May provides great opportunities for understanding the world and understanding traditions – have a look at Mother Goose Day or Spring: May Time to see two brilliant examples.

International Nurses Day (12th May) is a good opportunity to think about activities for ‘people that help us’. Flashing Fire Engines and It's Broken! – Fracture Clinic would work perfectly.

As you plan more opportunities to play outdoors, why not take a look at some outdoor team games which promote listening and attention, helping children to build positive relationships. Team games combine the prime areas of Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language. And they are lots of fun!

Have a look at our Ideas for Summer which has 12 summer activities to get you started, including activities from Alistair Bryce-Clegg and Lynne Garner.

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Ideas to get you started this summer!

It's Broken
Team Games
Mother Goose Day
Ideas for Summer