An Early Years Winter

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From a child's perspective, there's so much going on at this time of year that is fascinating and exciting too. We have Early Years activities for all the amazing festivals that will soon be upon us and you can sample a few in Ideas for Festivals. Use the keyword search to find activities for a particular festival, for example, Chinese New Year or for Winter.

We're also excited to bring you new technology activities from Pamela Algie this season. As you know, children are very intuitive with technology and using apps or different IT equipment can really bring activities to life for them.

If you are looking for more seasonal activities, just take a look at Judith Harries' wonderful wintry ideas.

Ever wondered who writes all our amazing activities? We have so many fantastic authors with a wealth of Early Years experience and a talent for writing activities using resources you will already have. Meet our authors here or use their names to search for their activities on Bloomsbury Early Years

Tag us on Pinterest and post photos of your activities to our Facebook Page so we can see what you are enjoying about bloomsburyearlyyears.com!

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