Soak up the Summer

Whether you are working with keyworker children, caring for your own children at home, or beginning to reopen your school or nursery, this summer is certainly different and will not involve as many holidays or journeys as usual. To develop your children’s imaginations as they think about different places have a look at Mapping Journeys

This year marks 200 years since the birth of Florence Nightingale, so we’ve added some activities to help you celebrate nurses and carers. Try Owl Babies by Judith Harries to develop the children’s ability to show their care.

We also have some new activities linked by the theme of Caring for the Environment, including using recycled materials, exploring nature and protecting the world around us. Click here to see all the Caring for the Environment activities from Niki Buchan.

Don’t forget you can search by Activity Type or by keyword. If your children are interested in food, why not try some of our summer food activities.

We have also added a new Ideas page to help you provide activities at home and some new Free Activities to get you started this term. With over 2500 activities, there is plenty at Bloomsbury Early Years to inspire you.summer food activities.

Tag us on Pinterest and post photos of your activities to our Facebook Page so we can see what you are enjoying about bloomsburyearlyyears.com!

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All our summer activities
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